The EBU’s Technical Committee has decided to launch a project group on Web3.0 and Metaverse technology, following a workshop on the topic held by the EBU Technology & Innovation department with over 70 Member participants.

The media industry is looking at Web3-related technologies and the concept of a visual Metaverse with a mixture of skepticism, curiosity and active interest. At the workshop, several EBU Member organizations and industry partners presented their own work and findings, honing in on likely scenarios and promising use-cases.

The workshop left participants convinced that developments in the field could indeed impact the media ecosystem and consumption behaviours, and that public service media can and should actively study the topic and exchange knowledge and ideas.

The EBU Technical Committee now invites EBU members to join the new working group created for this purpose. It has appointed Alberto Ciprian from RAI R&D to chair the collaborative group. Ciprian will be assisted by Project Coordinator Paola Sunna, EBU T&I, who also organized the workshop.

“Chairing this group is a fantastic opportunity”, said Ciprian. “What we’re looking to do now is to bring EBU Member experts and talent from technology and creative backgrounds together. This will contribute to the success of the group.”

Stephan Heimbecher from SWR, who leads the group’s parent programme: “The group will work closely with the EBU Digital Committee as well as external global organizations to focus on topics that are most critical for media to study, share, and create.”

Hans Hoffmann, Senior Manager at EBU T&I, who also facilitated the interactive workshop, added: “The workshop provided us with a wide selection of possible goals, but together we were able to converge on several key objectives, such as the sharing of uses cases, and the creation of an experimental platform for collaboration and experimenting together in a Web3, Metaverse and NFT environment.”

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