There's no shortage of hype around 5G, but it can be hard to find a clear description of what it actually is, what we can expect it to do, and when that might happen. The latest issue of tech-i magazine takes on that challenge, with some straight talking from the EBU's Darko Ratkaj on page 10.

"5G is at an advanced stage of technical development and standardization. The first set of technical specifications were completed in 2018 and the first equipment is expected to arrive this year. However, it is important to note that network rollout will take time. 5G functionalities will be deployed gradually, perhaps over the next decade, first on top of the existing mobile networks before standalone 5G networks emerge."

Staying with the topic of 5G, Ian Wagdin (BBC) looks at how the technology could impact on content production. He is the chair of a new EBU group on the topic. And the editorial from EBU Technology & Innovation Director Antonio Arcidiacono sets out his vision for a 5G future (p. 2).

Elsewhere in tech-i

Other articles in issue 39 include:

  • James Cridland (editor of on the opportunities and challenges that podcasting offers for broadcasters (pp. 8-9)
  • A look back at some key messages from January's Production Technology Seminar, including subjective video testing results (p. 5) and a summary of the panel discussion on paths to UHD (pp. 18-19)
  • Updates from EBU projects that focus respectively on innovation (p. 6) and new buildings (p. 14)
  • A report on how German broadcasters have adopted AI-based audio fingerprinting for music rights reporting (p. 7)

There's also the regular opinion piece from David Wood – this time focused on how to talk to management about technology (p. 16) – and the ongoing Partner Profiles series, which features the DPP (p. 17).

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