At EBU Technology & Innovation we believe that a full UHD television experience should be capable of delivering more than just an increased resolution. There are five ways to push broadcast television quality beyond what HDTV can do.

  1. Higher resolution (UHDTV)
  2. Higher contrast (HDR)
  3. The option of higher frame rates (HFR)
  4. More colours (WCG)
  5. A more versatile implementation of Audio (NGA)

The EBU conducts subjective evaluations – studying the reaction of humans – in order to gauge how much certain technologies add to the overall improved experience, and works with partner organizations such as DVB to ensure that the added benefits of UHD reach the audience.

Webinar on 08 March

Dagmar Driesnack (IRT) is one of the women in our industry who has been actively involved in performing such subjective quality evaluations for many years now. As the Co-Chair of the EBU Strategic Programme on Video Systems, she is at the heart of image technology innovations and helps media organizations make the right investment decisions.

Another key person in our industry is Virginie Drugeon (Panasonic). Virginie chairs the DVB technical working group where the new image and sound technology is standardized (DVB TM-AVC). This makes sure high quality content cannot only be created, but delivered to the audience, too.

On 08 March 2018 Dagmar and Virginie will share their insights in a public Webinar.

EBU T&I work

The Webinar forms part of a series of activities to help media organizations make best use of new technology. Other examples are the HFR article in EBU tech-i 035, the presentations and tutorials at EBU PTS 2018, and this guide to HDR.

All EBU video innovation the work is concentrated in EBU Video Systems group, which consists of an EBU Members-only and an industry-wide part. You can join the group and find more details here.

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