Cloud-based media services, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. These are three topics that figure strongly in discussions about the future of media technology and content creation. Next month, for the first time, the EBU will take the intersection of these three topics as the starting point for a seminar that promises to shed new light on the digital transformation landscape for public service media.

Registration is now open for the Cloud Intelligence Seminar, a two-day event taking place at EBU headquarters in Geneva on 20-21 November. 

Intelligent tools for broadcasters and content creators?

For some time now, the cloud has been seen as having the potential to host all sorts of media services traditionally handled on dedicated hardware in broadcaster facilities. Much progress has been made with functions such as transcoding, editing and even playout from the cloud, with the added benefit of flexibility and scalability. The application of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning has the potential to take cloud-based services to a whole new level, into the domain of data-driven personalization, automatic translation, editorial tools for news and automatic video editing.

The EBU is bringing together content creators and technology experts from broadcasters, research institutes and tech companies, large and small, for this seminar. They will explore the topic from a number of angles, exploring existing and developing technologies and looking at the impact they will have both on media organizations and the people working for them.


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