Cloud Intelligence Seminar

20 - 21 Nov 2017
inEBU Geneva

From subtitling and translation using Machine Learning to data-driven tools for personalization, automatic editing with AI, and beyond – intelligent cloud-based services are more than just farmed-out processing resources. Many offerings now aim to facilitate complex editorial work traditionally done by human specialists.

The EBU Cloud Intelligence Seminar explores these services, their capabilities and their economics, and also considers their impact on people and organizations as part of the digital transformation strategies which many broadcasters have started.

The full programme will be published and registrations opened soon.

On the CIS agenda:

  • The nuts and bolts: demystifying Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML)
  • The economics of using cloud-based services
  • The market: what is hype and what is real
  • New roles: the impact of intelligent cloud services on media organizations
  • Use cases for creatives, content producers and editorial teams
  • The integration of intelligent cloud-based services in media workflows
  • Best practices and guidance on how to get started

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