The EBU has released a new version of EBU Tech 3320, the broadcast industry's reference guide to Grade 1, 2 or 3 Video Monitors. Version 4.0 adds a section dedicated to High Dynamic Range and Wide Colour Gamut for UHD and 1080P HD Monitors.

Grade 1A & 1B

In a departure from the current HD Grade 1, 2 and 3 classifications, the new section splits Grade 1 monitors into two types: Grade 1A HDR and Grade 1B HDR. A Grade 1A monitor can accurately reproduce all aspects of the standard it was designed to display. A Grade 1B monitor may not be capable of reproducing the full range of colour or brightness defined in a standard, but will otherwise fulfil all the requirements of a Grade 1A monitor.

This novel approach was taken to bridge the gap between what a video standard may define and what monitors currently available on the market are able to reproduce. Class 1B may be deprecated in future.

HLG and PQ

EBU Tech 3320 v4.0 defines requirements for HLG and for PQ HDR monitors but leaves it to manufacturers to decide whether to  make their products compliant with one or both.

EBU Tech 3320 is the essential guide for broadcasters, suppliers and vendors who are discussing Monitor investments now and in the future.

Video Systems

This update is part of a larger series of EBU activities around UHD and other video topics. For more infomration on this and other topics, join the EBU Strategic Programme on Video Systems and/or visit the EBU booth at IBC 2017.

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