An upcoming seminar on Media Cyber Security will deliver a timely and comprehensive overview of the vulnerabilities which can undermine media organizations that increasingly rely on online and could-based tools and services. The event, on 21-22 February at the EBU, will see leading security industry experts presenting and demonstrating threat-mitigation strategies and techniques.

A new world for hackers

HbbTV is one example of a relatively new media service that could be vulnerable to serious attacks. The combination of broadcast TV with the delivery of services over broadband internet has opened a new world for broadcasters but also for hackers. Combining the bidirectional communication of the internet with the insecure unidirectional DVB streams results in almost insurmountable security risks. 

At the upcoming EBU seminar, Rafael Scheel of Oneconsult AG will demonstrate how such risks can be exploited remotely, without user interaction, to gain control over television receivers. These techniques potentialy allow the creation of a massive TV-botnet or enable spying on companies and private individuals.

Data privacy and sovereignty are two big challenges facing all companies today – and both are on the agenda for the Media Cyber Security Seminar.  As technology advances with the introduction of the cloud and IoT (Internet of Things), companies need to recognize the importance of data privacy compliance and understand the critical difference between privacy and security. NetApp's Sheila FitzPatrick, one of the world’s leading experts in data privacy laws, will discuss the implications for media organizations of the new EU GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) and the importance of privacy due diligence.

Web App risks

Web applications are another means by which media companies are seeking new ways of engaging with audiences. But there are risks here too. So-called phishing and ransomware drive-by attacks can cause serious damage for businesses; secure coding is paramount to reduce the risk of breach. Eoin Keary is CEO of edgescan, a cloud-based vulnerability management platform. His presentation in Geneva will discuss the most common vulnerabilities in web apps and how to prevent them, providing an insight into how hackers breach systems and exploit organizations.

Above are just a few examples of what delegates can expect to learn about at this month's seminar. Visit the event homepage to view the complete programme and to register.



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