Media Cybersecurity

Shaping a more secure media industry

Bringing more IT technology into the broadcasting domain has created new opportunities for media production and distribution, but it has also exposed the medias to security threats and frauds that are present and increasingly important on the IP world.

Content security is also at stake: first, misinformation is a growing threat that damages confidence the public has in medias: as audience is now getting information through multiple platforms, they don't know how to be sure a piece of news comes from a respected media. Second, piracy is damaging legitimate service provider revenues, which acknowledge that they won’t be able to afford to provide high quality services if they continue to lose consumers to piracy. MCS_ow_logo12.jpg


With its Media cybersecurity activities, EBU aim first at raising awareness across the media industry of these increasing security risks. It also brings together media actors to exchange knowledge and experience on security topics and collaborate to ensure media systems, infrastructure and procedures used all along production and distribution workflows do not create security breaches that could lead to impactful attacks. Finally, the whole media ecosystem need to collaborate to develop means to effectively fight against piracy and misinformation across the industry.