The EBU Partnership Programme and Department of Technology and Innovation organized the workshop, which was led by Jean Pierre Evain, to look at common solutions such as EBUCore which is used by many Members. ORF and the Institute National de l-Audiovisuel (INA) also shared their experience with participants.

Participants presented their systems and developments and discussed the need for standardization, the adoption of internal metadata policies, monetization and digital distribution. An operational team led by HRT (Croatia) and TVR (Romania) was established to develop guidelines for internal metadata policies.

The participants recognized the important role the EBU could play in fostering the further exchange of knowledge and the creation of a common platform.

EBU Senior Manager Radka Betcheva says such seminars are highly appreciated by participants because they provide a platform for exchange: “The network on archiving between the Balkan countries is one of the most proactive networks that we have created through the Partnership Programme. It has initiated many joint activities which illustrate the strength of our Union.”

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