Future networked systems

Ubiquity of Internet Technology continues to change the way we work. Most broadcasters have already integrated the use of internet into their services, offering free internet TV and radio. The next move to fully IT-based infrastructures for their production facilities will allow broadcasters to meet rising public demand for new services by offering more flexibility and reducing costs.

How can EBU T&I help?

Our Strategic Programme on Future Networked Systems helps Members to get the most from their transition to IT/network-based infrastructures in their production studios and from remote locations. We do so by providing a platform for you to share knowledge, experience and test results with your peers. We capture your requirements and keep you up to date on new technologies so that you can make well-informed decisions for future investments. We also look at the impact of new technology on production practices and workflows and offer guidance on media production and contribution over IP, remote production and media storage.

Guidance & tools