The EBU is pleased to announce that it has published a minimal set of cybersecurity requirements for broadcast systems, software and services.
EBU Members participating in the EBU’s Strategic Programme on Media Cybersecurity put together the recommendation – EBU R143 – to show broadcasters the importance of maintaining and having minimum standards to protect their broadcast systems, software and services. Representatives from various broadcast organizations, including the work of several Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs), contributed to this milestone work. 

Cybersecurity attacks are a very real and substantial risk for broadcasters and media companies. Several major hacks have occurred in recent years including TV5 (2015) and SONY (2014) and, showing the tremendous damage that cyberattacks can have on the media industry. These hacks are the most visible but, unfortunately, only represent the tip of the iceberg. It is crucial that the broadcasting industry takes these incidents seriously and develops their capacity to protect themselves now. 

“The broadcast industry has been an isolated technology island for a long time and, therefore, was intrinsically protected. However, with the provision of internet-based services and the convergence of traditional broadcast and information technology, the risk of cyberattacks targeting media companies is now – more than ever before – a real threat,” states Andreas Schneider, Chief Information Security Officer at the Swiss public broadcaster (SSR/SRG) and Chair of the EBU Strategic Programme on Media Cybersecurity.
EBU R143 takes into account the guidelines provided by European National Security Agencies, such as the French ANSSI or German BSI as well as contributions from the newly created French-speaking broadcasters Cybersecurity Group chaired by TV5. It recommends that media companies apply security safeguards when planning and designing their systems, software and services and calls on potential vendors to declare their ability to comply with these safeguards. It also helps broadcasters to define their minimal vendor system acceptance level. 
EBU Technology & Innovation Director, Simon Fell said “With this recommendation, the media industry will be better equipped to enforce a minimal security level in its core systems. We encourage the systems and service vendors in our industry to embrace this recommendation.”
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