Quality Control



Manual Quality Control alone is not adequate anymore and does not scale. As the amount of content continues to increase, broadcasters are finding it difficult to keep up with manual checks.  As a result, it is important for broadcasters to look into automated file-based quality control systems to cope with the large amount of content and the abstract nature of digital files.

How can EBU T&I help?

Our Strategic Programme on Quality Control helps Members optimise the use of their automated Quality Control systems. Our EBU.IO/QC tool provides access to over 200 QC Test Items, each with a detailed description of a test that can be performed on audio/visual material. You can also create and export sets of QC Items in personal Templates. Further, this EBU Strategic Programme aims to provide guidance and share best practices on the practical implementation of QC, e.g. via Technical Review articles and the organisation of workshops and seminars. Active collaboration with the FIMS QA group makes sure the EBU.IO QC Test Items can be easily used by FIMS users as well.

Guidance & tools