Demos PTS 2013

Delegates at the Production Technology Seminar will have the chance to view and in some cases get their hands on a set of demonstrations of cutting edge tools and services.

Semantic Middleware and Linked Data: the RTBF GEMS prototype

A proof-of-concept from Belgian broadcaster RTBF, deploying the mechanisms specified by the MediaMap project. This "online" demo of the middleware will highlight the following benefits: interoperability between databases and unstructured content; a robustly designed architecture; enhanced and automatic enrichment at a minimum cost; and traceability of ancillary media information such as rights and location. More info PDF.






MXF EBUcore software

Provided by: EBU, Limecraft

MINT EBUCore mapping tool

Provided by: EBU, NTUA (Greece)

A user-friendly application to map in-house metadata into EBUCore. The software is currently in a beta testing phase. Delegates are invited to bring along their own datasets and provide feedback on the application.

4k encoded with HEVC plus 3D Audio

Provided by: francetélévisions

4EVER is a 3 year collaborative project that aims to deploy HEVC codecs for HD and UHD transport. francetélévisions, responsible for the UHD production aspects, has produced a short programme "The dog lying at her feet", shot in 3840x2160 at 50 fps, using a RED Epic camera. The audio has been produced in 3D - adding a height dimension to a regular 5.1 - from ambisonics capture to 9.1 mix, and also reduced to a binaural 3D stereo signal for listening over headphones.

LED - TLCI-2012

Representatives of the EBU's LED Lights Project Group will demostrate the software behind the Television Lighting Consistency Index 2012. Delegates will be able to test a selection of LED lights and see how the tool provides a quick and useful assessment of their performance.

Realtime HEVC decoding

Provided by: Fraunhofer HHI

Carbon Calculators for Broadcast Production

Provided by: BAFTA, BBC, EcoProd, TF1

Two different carbon calculators will be deomonstrated: Carbon'Clap, developed by EcoProd and TF1 in France, and Albert, a project involving the BBC and BAFTA in the UK.