Tutorials PTS 2013

On both Day 1 and Day 2 of the Production Technology Seminar 2013 a set of five tutorials will be offered. As the same line-up of tutorials will be offered each day, while delegates will have the opportunity to select two.

Beyond HD - an introduction to the formats and early practical experiences

Massimo Visca (RAI), Charles de Cayeux (FranceTV), Stephan Heimbecher (Sky Germany), Andy Quested (BBC)

If you want to learn the difference between 4k and UHD or have never seen native content beyond HD resolution then this is the right tutorial for you! It will provide an overview of the standardization efforts and different formats, along with feedback on real production experiences. It will highlight the issues still to be solved, the areas already well-developed and the impact the change from HD to UHD might have. Aside from information about compression of UHD content, its post-production and new consumer trends in the domain, the tutorial will also look at where 3D sits in relation to future formats. There will be plenty of time for questions and discussion and participants can view UHD content created by France TV and Sky Germany.

Implementing FIMS in production

Loic Barbou, Ashraf Tadros & Gaurav Bhasin, Triskel 

Learn how Bloomberg TV has leveraged FIMS and SOA concepts to increase content production and distribution efficiency by 800%. The tutorial will describe the steps taken to create a service oriented media infrastructure. It will summarize best practices on implementing an SOA environment composed of FIMS compliant services. Our technical experts will share their experience on enabling FIMS standard, exposing media services thru a FIMS interface, testing and instrumenting FIMS enabled services. We will also expand on the current architecture of FIMS components running at Bloomberg.

Automated Quality Control - a comparison of different approaches (1.5 hours)

Matthieu Parmentier, France Télévisions; Magnus Åström, SVT; Rowan de Pomerai, BBC.

How do you use automated Quality Control (QC) tools to prevent your programmes breaking up on-air, polluting your archive or consuming costly post-production hours being corrected? Three EBU Member representatives will demonstrate practical use cases of applied QC. Matthieu Parmentier will explain the QC software FranceTV is developing to make sure external producers’ material is checked before even reaching the broadcaster’s premises. Göran Schön will show how SVT checks material already in the archive using various commercial tools. And Rowan de Pomerai will share some of the BBC’s experiences in piloting QC products to ensure material is fit for play-out and exchange with other broadcasters.

Loudness in production workflows (2 hours, Day 2 only)

Florian Camerer (ORF), Chair of EBU PLOUD Group

Tonmeister Florian Camerer shares practical tips on applying EBU R 128 Loudness normalization in production and play-out. He will especially give attention to workflows for checking and prepping programmes before play-out, the use of loudness processors, and how to treat ‘special material’, such as programmes with very wide dynamics. Florian will also provide a quick update on the interest for EBU R 128 in Radio and Music production.

Video playout and graphics: Open Source and On Air at SVT (Day 2 only)

Jonas Hummelstrand, CasparCG & SVT

Graphics & video play-out with a twist; how a small broadcaster like SVT can afford over 100 HD play-out channels, and use publicly available software for everything from channel branding to end-credit-squeezes and election graphics. We'll show you how to get started with the "CasparCG" system, and how it is used for both rocket launches and World Cup broadcasts. See EBU Technical Review, Q4 2012.


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Tutorials are available to delegates that have attended the event and to EBU Members. Please login to access them.

  • Beyond HD

Introduction to the formats and early practical experiences - Massimo Visca - RAI

First UHD sports production experience - Stephan Heimbecher - Sky Germany

The 4ever Project - Charles de Cayeux - FTV

Beyond HD: 3D - Andy Quested - BBC

  • Implementing FIMS

FIMS-SOA in production. The Bloomberg use case - Loic Barbou, Ashraf Tadros, Gaurav Bhasin - Triskel/ Bloomberg

  • Automated Quality Control

File-delivery tool - Matthieu Parmentier - FTV

Archive Migration with Automated QC @ SVT - Magnus Åström - SVT

File-based QC - Rowan de Pomerai - BBC