Forecast 2008

The Delivery Management Committee (DMC) and the Spectrum Management Committee (SMC) organized Forecast 2008, a specialised meeting on Spectrum and Delivery technology topics, which took place on 25 and 26 November 2008.

The Frequency Management Sessions featured presentations on:

- Switchover - Experience and Best Practice
- Spectrum Regulation & the Digital Dividend
- The Future of Radio

The presentations were followed by a set of parallel workshops to further discuss the three session topics.

The System Sessions on the second day featured presentations on:

- HDTV technology update
- Internet TV and Radio
- Mobile TV and Digital Terrestrial TV
- Consumer product issues

EBU Members can download the presentations using the button at the top of this screen (visible only if you are logged in as an EBU Member), and Summaries ( Switchover , Spectrum Regulation & the Digital Dividend and the Future of Radio) resulting from the discussions in the workshops. Individual presentations are available in the Publications Library .

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