Forecast 2007

A view from the audience at EBU Forecast 2007. On 20th November 2007, the DMC-arranged issues were IPTV, novel mobile and terrestrial digital broadcasting systems, the DAB family of standards, Digital Radio Mondiale, HDTV technology evolution, and content protection and copy management (CPCM).

A view from the audience at EBU Forecast 2007

Political aspects not excluded

The second day of the Forecast seminar was devoted to delivery systems and standards and to the critical topic of spectrum management which, in addition to being highly technical, had significant political and economic elements.

EBU Members' specialists and invited experts covered a wealth of issues including HDTV in terrestrial broadcasting, the regulatory aspects of Mobile TV, Implementing the Geneva 06 Agreement, Planning for mobile multimedia networks, the Digital Dividend, and the results of the last four weeks of intense international negotiations at the World Radio Conference (WRC-07).


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