Forecast 2006

The two-day annual broadcasting technology seminar, organised by the Broadcast technology Management Committee (BMC) totaled over 100 participants from 28 countries. A very full first day gave a thorough update on all aspects of new broadcasting technologies.

The main sessions then covered the transition from analogue to digital transmission, and new delivery options such as IPTV and other Internet-related ideas such as Peer-to-Peer networks and WiMAX which may offer new opportunities for broadcasters. An enraptured Forecast 2006 audience listen as Chris Weck (above) explains recent developments in Mobile Broadcasting.


A captivated audience during Forecast 2006

On the second day, the focus shifted to the frequency spectrum and how best to manage the limited resources that broadcasters have been entrusted with. The heavy workload of meetings and discussions which led to the very successful planning conference and the Geneva 2006 ITU Agreement may have ended, but a further round of work items for our EBU experts is underway as the new digital plan is beginning to be implemented.

Speakers on this second day explained the detail of the 'GE-06' and how this plan can be turned into practical transmitter networks. A final session on future frequency issues including the World Radio Conference in 2007 and thoughts on replanning of the broadcast band at 1.5GHz completed the programme.


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