EBU HDR Workshop - Live Production: LUTs

Introduction to High Dynamic Range (HDR) Lookup Tables (LUTs).

Presenter(s): Andrew Cotton (BBC R&D), Prinyar Boon (BT Sport), Simon Thompson (BBC R&D)

This video contains excerpts from the EBU HDR Workshop held at SWR in May 2022. In this video various aspects of LUTs are discussed:

- Scene-light LUTs for SDR camera use in HDR productions
- LUT integration in products
- LUTs vs. dynamic converters

This video was kindly recorded and edited by SWR students on day 1 during the 'live track' of the EBU HDR Workshop. Due to the nature of the workshop (looking at HDR images on various displays, etc.) only parts of the complete event have been captured.