Our Mission

The Technical Liaison Officers are nominated by Members at the Technical Assembly to act as a focal point for technical activities within their organization. They provide feedback on the annual workplan and ensure their organization takes part in the strategic programmes of the EBU.

  1. Definitions_

    1. EBU – European Broadcasting Union

    2. TLO – EBU Technical Liaison Officer

    3. T&I – Technology & Innovation Department of the EBU

    4. TC – EBU Technical Committee

    5. TA – EBU Technical Assembly

  2. The TLO...

    1. is nominated by an EBU Member for a period of two years, in line with the mandate of the TC. This two-year mandate is renewable.

    2. is normally not an elected member of the TC (since TC Member and TLO have different role definitions).

    3. is well connected in the technical domain of the Member organization and has a good understanding of the ongoing and strategic plans of the Member in production and distribution in both online and traditional platforms.

    4. has a mandate and the resources to engage proactively with the T&I and TC activities.

  3. The TLO's role...

    1. is to act as an ambassador for the EBU’s technical activities in his/her organization.

    2. is to act as the interface point between the Member, T&I and TC.

    3. is to provide input to the TC’s workplan as it is developed in close coordination with the organisations TA delegate.

    4. is to provide strategic feedback on projects of relevance in the Member organization to the T&I and TC work.

    5. is to promote EBU work, with a view to guarantee and feedback to T&I on the progress in finding participants from his/her organization in the TC working groups and related activities.

  4. TLO meetings:

    1. Part of the TLO's role is also to attend TLO meetings: typically one face-to-face (F2F) meeting in Geneva, with a contribution; to attend, if possible, the “meet-up”, such as at IBC (mid-September); and to contribute to any other meetings if agreed to be scheduled.

    2. In the event of not being able to physically attend a F2F meeting, TLOs should provide appropriate support to the meeting by remote participation and a written contribution summarizing the status of strategic technical projects in his/her organization.