As the EBUCore developer and user community keeps growing, metadata experts have been working on further enrichment of this EBU flagship metadata specification. It is accessible from HERE.

What is new in EBUCore 1.6?

The EBU Audio Definition Model (ADM), published as Tech 3364, was first introduced in EBUCore 1.5. In this latest EBUCore it has been updated based on feedback received from the ITU. This joint EBU-ITU schema is a major milestone in audio modelling and the work is being shared with other standard organisations such as AES, AMWA/EBU FIMS, ISO/IEC MPEG, SMPTE and W3C.

Feedback from EBU members (e.g. France Television, NRK, RTE, VRT), independent implementers and collaboration with projects (e.g. EUScreen, Europeana) and organisations (e.g. AES, AMWA/EU FIMS, HDForum in France, the Library of Wales, the Swiss archives Memoriav, MPEG Audio-visual preservation, SMPTE, and more recently the PBCore community) is another essential part of our development. All additions are documented in EBUCore 1.6.

The specification has been simplified and is now focused on examples of implementations. The technical documentation and the schema can be downloaded from the links provided in the "download zone" section. 

At the innovative core of future development in television production, semantic technologies are not overlooked and the EBUCore RDF/OWL ontology has also been updated.

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