The Technology Pyramid For Media Nodes

Minimum User Requirements to Build and Manage an IP-Based Media Facility

When we received a few first IP-based equipement in the EBU Technology & Innovation lab, we realized how manual and tedious it was to get IP gear up and running compared to the good old SDI technology. For system architects building IP-based facilities, the extra complexity, labour and time required add up very quickly. It became clear that SMPTE ST 2110 transport was necessary but not sufficient to build and manage a large scale facility.

The Minimum User Requirements to Build and Manage an IP-Based Media Facility were formulated in EBU TECH 3371 and updated in July 2020 (version 2). The Pyramid graphic is derived from, and forms part of, this document.

The Joint-Task Force on Networked Media (JT-NM) – gathering the EBU, AMWA, SMPTE and VSF – has produced a corresponding technical recommendation that addresses a number of these user requirements.

Useful resources

The updated Media Node Maturity Checklist (version: September 2020) is designed to aid discussions between customers and vendors and to help customers quickly assess the level of maturity and suitability of ST-2110-based production equipment for deployment.


Live IP Software Toolkit (LIST) v2.2

LIST is a collaboratively developed suite of software tools that helps to inspect, measure, and visualize the state of IP-based networks and the high-bitrate media traffic they carry.

NLE User Group (closed)

This community provided a place for EBU Members exchanging experiences with and best practices for using Non-Linear Editing (NLE) systems.

Infrastructures & Security

The scope of the Strategic Programme on Infrastructures & Security covers Radio, TV and other media services. It comprises the development and evolution of infrastructure technologies to enable live and non-live media production workflows in broadcast facilities and in remote/interfacility conditions. It also includes media cybersecurity aspects of infrastructure technologies.