Results of a survey on PMSE spectrum use by EBU Members

Tech Report 076

The main task of broadcasting is to produce attractive, informative audiovisual content.

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For this purpose, broadcasting requires wireless production tools, termed PMSE (Programme Making Special Events). At the international level (CEPT, ITU), a number of frequency ranges have been identified that may be used for wireless production, but the exact frequencies may not be harmonised between countries due to divergent national frequency plans and differing PMSE requirements .

In addition to the availability of frequencies, the availability of equipment is also an important issue that determines whether wireless production tools are used in a certain frequency range.

This Members only report provides a brief analysis of the information gathered during interviews with some EBU Members, including the information about their current and possible future uses of different spectrum bands available for PMSE.
The interviews were conducted along some standard questions. The frequency ranges were taken from ERC Recommendation 25-10, January 2023.

A companion Technical Report, TR075, that is available to everyone, discusses broadcasters' spectrum needs for audio PMSE applications.

Note that this republished version (February 2024) adds a missing entry to the table of respondents that was inadvertently omitted from the original publication.

Key words: PMSE, Spectrum, Radio microphone, In-ear monitor 470-694 MHz band.