Pipelines to animate 3D CG characters for live and recorded as live productions Part 2: Workflows

Tech Report 071 Part 2

This document concerns the animation of CG 3D characters for live production.

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The EBU T&I CG-Animation working group has been aiming at integrating and testing one or more pipelines to animate CG 3D characters for live and recorded-as-live productions. These pipelines will address real production use-cases.

Currently there is no commercially available single solution that fits all needs so it therefore is likely that the pipeline will integrate different tools to address the animation of body, hands and face.
Some of the factors that will influence the design of these pipelines are setup & calibration time, performance, costs, ease of integrating simultaneous, multiple motion capture plugins, the level of involvement of the end-users at home, and programme format and genre.
The results from this working group are released as a series of three documents:
•    Part 1: Use cases. The document describes the use cases that the broadcasters involved in the working group are considering, and their underlying technical requirements.
•    Part 2: Workflows. The document describes the architecture deployed to implement the workflows underlying each use-case.
•    Part 3: Subjective evaluation results comparing the animated characters with ground-truth reference.


Keywords: Computer-generated, CG, 3D characters, Animation, Live production, Pipeline.

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