RF radiation hazards arising from bonded cellular ENG equipment

Tech Report 067

Many Broadcasters are increasingly using Bonded cellular devices for ENG operations.

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Mobile cellular technology used for ENG is typically arranged as either a camera-mounted or backpack unit that is worn by the camera operator. They all contain 4 or more modems that operate together to provide sufficient bandwidth to backhaul full resolution broadcast quality sound and vision and to provide a return cue feed to the presenter. 

Concerns have been raised by EBU members as to how the RF radiation from these units could be assessed and whether the simultaneous operation of the cellular modems causes the Radiofrequency field emitted by the system to exceed the ICNIRP exposure limits.

This report provides information to EBU members to help them in assessing the risk of RF Hazard from bonded cellular ENG equipment and ensuring safe operation for their staff.


Key words: EMF, RF Radiation Hazard, Bonded cellular devices, ENG.