EAR Listening Test Report- Using the MS-IPM method

Tech Report 043

This Technical Report describes the results of the listening test to evaluate the performance of renderers using the MS-IPM methodology.

Open file (pdf, 2.8 MB)

The EBU has published EBU Tech 3388, which is a specification of a native ADM audio renderer (the EAR) intended for use by broadcasters in the production and monitoring of next generation audio (NGA) workflows. The EAR is one of the systems assessed in this test.

The purpose of the listening test was to evaluate the performance of audio renderers in a range of broadcast and standard listening rooms, with different loudspeaker channel configurations. An Multiple Stimulus - Ideal Profile Method (MS-IPM) experiment was designed to compare 7 test conditions with 6 programme items. The test conditions comprised a combination of channel layouts (0+2+0, 0+5+0, 4+7+0, 9+10+3), in accordance to ITU-R BS.2051-1, two different renderers and one down-mix. The identical double-blind test design was performed in 5 different laboratories, comprising of either ITU-R BS.1116-3 compliant listening rooms or broadcast listening labs.