Binaural EBU ADM Renderer (BEAR) for object-based sound over headphones

EBU Tech 3396

The BEAR is a renderer for audio content encoded using the Audio Definition Model.

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The BEAR (Binaural EBU ADM Renderer) is based on the EAR (EBU ADM Renderer), which produces binaural signals suitable for listening on headphones, rather than loudspeaker signals.

This document describes how the BEAR works, giving a detailed description of each of its components, an overview of the signal path and control structures, and showing how the components fit together.

In support of this specification, a reference implementation of the BEAR built using the VISR framework is available at Where this document refers to file paths, they are files in that repository (version v0.0.1-pre, commit 5eececb at time of writing).


Keywords: ADM, Audio Definition Model, NGA, Next Generation Audio, Object-based, Binaural, Renderer