The right place and the right time: combining chaptering and semantic search for a novel short form UX

Presenter(s): Bram Zijlstra (Media Distillery)

For many years, people have been able to use web search engines to easily find the content of interest. Unfortunately, television and video service providers usually have search functionality that doesn't live up to the same standards. Most search results in video services won't go much further than a match on the title and the video description. This leads to results on a program level and not individual parts of the content. This talk argues that this is no longer up to todays requirements. Viewers are not interested in watching entire programs when they are looking for a specific topic. Improving this manually is time-consuming, so a flexible segmentation algorithm is helpful. The talk explains the Media Distillery's search service for video content and how it can be adaptable to any video service content. The services uses speech recognition, text segmentation, topic modelling, face recognition, and text detection to extract rich metadata out of raw audio and video data, a custom Elasticsearch plugin and semantic search service that is capable of finding the exact moment where a topic starts and ends.