Announcing FIMS 1.1 2013

This webinar provided an opportunity to learn about FIMS, the Framework for Interoperable Media Services, and the advantages of SOA (services oriented architecture) production infrastructures for media.

FIMS 1.0 proposed three basic service definitions to ingest, transfer and transform. FIMS 1.1 addresses repositories. Two reference implementations now exists in SOAP and REST.

Work has already started on the definition of a service interface for quality analysis. Future activities include an improved time code management, a service definition for IMF/OPL and richer metadata.


  • Welcome and webinar goal – Jean-Pierre Evain, EBU
  • FIMS Business Drivers – Brad Gilmer, AMWA
  • FIMS Guiding Principles – Giorgio Dimino, RAI
  • FIMS 1.1 - Repositories – Loic Barbou, Bloomberg / Triskel
  • FIMS 1.1 - REST API – Peter Brightwell, BBC
  • Work in progress: Quality Analysis – JP Evain for Vandan Kaushik
  • Business Board and future plans – Abbe Wiesenthal, Turner
  • Conclusions – John Footen, Cognizant

Presentations & videos

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