Big data: a game changer for public service media?

It’s no secret that the media sector is increasingly looking at the potential of big data as a key element in the relationship between media and audiences. Used appropriately, it can help PSM to:
  • better understand audience expectations by means of calibrated audience measurement
  • develop recommendations and personalized offers
  • enrich editorial content and storytelling, and make informed programming choices
However, big data is not only about technology: there is an issue of trust. Legal requirements and advanced market development strategies need to be carefully considered if PSM is to derive benefits from using big data, rather than costs.
Crucially, big data is also a challenge for PSM’s identity and distinctiveness: how can it remain relevant for all and contribute to an inclusive society – as defined in its remit – in an environment that champions personalized services for segmented audiences? Are new management practices, mindsets, or specific skills needed? Read more.       

EBU Technology & Innovation Recommendation Systems Workshop:

The world is changing. And changing fast. Traditionally, broadcasters relied on scheduling their content in a linear way to suit groups of consumers as they thought best. However, as online services become more popular, it becomes possible to personalize that offering. In order to do so, public broadcasters must address a new set of technological challenges – they must become more data-driven if they want to serve changing audience behaviour. 
Today, a set of public broadcasters joined us at the EBU Big Data Conference to discuss recommendation systems and, of course, the EBU’s RecSyS project. The project started three years ago with a focus on developing a single sign-on for public broadcasters. Since then it has grown in scope and now takes a closer look at recommendation systems and big data in a practical manner. The EBU was pleased to announce that an ETSI standard will be released in early April on the topic of single sign-on (cross-platform authentication). Read more.


Take a look at the Big Data Programme to see what's in store.                

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