After several months of very fruitful collaboration, MediaCorp and the EBU are pleased to announce that the harmonization work of the two metadata specifications SMMCore and EBUCore has finished. The SMMCore framework now builds on the foundation provided by EBUCore. The benefits of harmonization are multiple: support from a larger community of metadata experts, access to knowledge on semantic web technology, linked data, adoption by the industry, sharing of research resources, and further development and maintenance of the metadata specifications. 


Best practices for metadata

SMMCore is the multimedia metadata standard used for B2B digital content exchange in Singapore. It's history goes back to 2008. The Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA) saw the need to adopt best practices and standards for the management of digital content storage with a metadata framework. To address this need, the IDA organised an industry roundtable.


Mr Yeo Kim Pow, Senior Vice President of MediaCorp, chaired the Metadata Standardization Subgroup. The group included key industry players, such as Disney and Ascent Media. It defined a set of best practices for the local media industry. In a second development phase, in which Jean-Pierre Evain (EBU) played a key role, the SMMCore requirements were transformed into a technical specification based on EBUCore.


Figure from the EBUCore specification,
illustrating the importance of metadata



EBUCore is the EBU's flagship specifidation for metadata. It was first established in 2000 as a core set of metadata for radio archives. Since then it has evolved. It now also addresses television and production as a whole. It has been designed to be Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and Semantic Web ready. It is also the technical solution adopted by EUScreen , the European portal for public service broadcasters contributing to Europeana . Several broadcast organisations have already adapted EBUCore to their needs, including egta , the Brussels-based trade association of television and radio sales houses.


MediaCorp and SMMCore, welcome to the EBUCore community!

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