As conversational AI models are overwhelmingly trained on datasets of Western origins, they often suffer from a lack of data and focus concerning other regions of the world. This can produce blindspots, bias and imbalance. A micro-workshop co-organized by the EBU AI and Data Initiative (AIDI) and Deutsche Welle (Monday 22 April, 13:00-15:30), explore this issue and how the impact on on e.g. PSM global coverage could be mitigated.

The workshop is aimed at any EBU Member interested in the a global perspective on AI. Based on the work of DW Akademie on media developement and AI, the workshop will approach this question through expert presentations and group discussions, focusing on:

  • The imbalanced representation of global populations
  • Difficulty of accessing thorough and accurate local information about non-Western regions, for both local and western populations
  • The socio-technical mechanisms behind this issue
  • How to address the question of global inclusiveness from an ethical perspective

Contributing experts will include:

  • Kristophina Shilongo: Senior Tech Policy Fellow at Mozilla Foundation, and Associate Researcher at Research ICT Africa
  • Ruth Kühn: Senior Technology Manager at Deutsche Welle
  • Asmelash Teka Hadgu: Co-Founder and CTO of Lesan AI
  • Jan Lublinski: Head of Policy and Learning Department at DW Akademie
  • Heather Danielle Thompson: Manager of Digital Democracy at Democracy Reporting International
  • Nele Lenze: Senior Lecturer at DW Akademie
  • Julie Ricard: Technology and Democracy Director at Data-Pop Alliance
  • Julius Endert: Senior Consultant at DW Akademie

We invite EBU Members to register by contacting AIDI Coordinator Lalya Gaye (, and look forward to a timely and relevant workshop.

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