The EBU projects on metadata are part of the Media Information Management (MIM) Strategic Programme. MIM benefits from the expertise of the EBU Expert Community on Metadata, participation to which is open to all metadata experts, or users and implementers keen to learn and contribute.


Key objectives and challenges!

1. Make metadata easier, richer, cheaper, ubiquitous, integrated and interoperable responding to broadcasters' needs 

2. Broaden the traditional field of metadata from archive, production and exchange to delivery and Internet 

3. Promote innovation such as semantic technologies

4. Open and connect the broadcasting metadata community with academic and industry experts 

5. Get ready for the future in which metadata will play an essential role


MIM currently manages five projects: MM (Metadata Models), SCAIE (automatic extraction / generation of metadata), MDN (Metadata Developer Network), MIM FIMS project (FIMS user group) and XMLSubs defining recommendations for XML subtitling. MIM also manages the official TV-Anytime website.


These projects and their domains of expertise


Metadata, class data models and representation (MM) : Standards, technologies, systems for representing information (and hence metadata), UML class model representation, XML (“the good old” XML), RDF/OWL (Semantic Web Technologies) and SKOS for classification schemes


Metadata generation and automatic extraction : Automated information extraction, common metadata format: AVDP mpeg7 profile and reference implementation, Generation of metadata during acquisition


XML subtitling : Subtitling is used extensively by broadcasters, both for foreign-language subtitling and as an access service to help people with a disability access television programmes. The creation of subtitles has long used stand-alone file formats, including the well-known EBU Tech 3264 ('EBU STL') and many proprietary formats


The Metadata Developer Network (MDN) :  Exchanging experience on best practices and developments, Providing tools as a knowledge base for creating, processing and managing metadata. The MDN group organises every year the MDN workshop by and for developers.




FIMS : Service Oriented Architecture. See FIMS and its github.