A hugely successful 2012 Production Technology Seminar finished in Geneva today with sessions on storage,  metadata and Super High Vision. With the transition to file-based production having been a recurring theme throughout the event, questions around storage systems, metadata and asset management were essential elements of the programme.

Hans Hoffmann, in summarising the two and half days of PTS 2012, said he believed it had been a well-rounded programme, with the over-arching theme being the need for broadcasters to integrate tri-media production from an organisational, technological and user point of view. Dr Hoffmann, who is the EBU’s Head of Media Fundamentals and Production Technology, said PTS was “an important event for EBU Members facing difficult decisions regarding their next investment cycles”. 

Just short of 120 people participated in this year’s seminar, and despite the difficult weather conditions that delayed the arrival of some delegates, the event provided a welcome platform for networking and sharing of experience between EBU Members and industry representatives. For the latter, the Production Technology Seminar offered a unique opportunity to learn directly about EBU Member requirements.


Hans Hoffmann moderates panel discussion   PTS pull-up
Hans Hoffmann (left) moderating a panel discussion at PTS 2012


The theme for this year’s event was Production: @transition, and speaker after speaker returned to this theme in a clear indication of the fact that broadcasters need to adapt to an increasingly complex production environment. The work of the EBU, as reported throughout PTS 2012, is directed towards enabling interoperability: for codecs, for metadata, for digital workflows. With future visions for audio (3D audio, dialogue enhancement) and video (UHDTV, 1080p50) also covered, along with the latest research on reference displays and cameras, PTS 2012 really was a comprehensive overview of the hot topics in broadcast media production technology.

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