The Colour Rendering Index (CRI) has many flaws and is unreliable especially when new high efficient lights are introduced (e.g. LEDs). Even when used for its original intended purpose, assessing lighting for industrial and architectural situations. It is even less meaningful if used in a television environment. Even Correlated Colour Temperature (CCT) meters are misleading and inaccurate if used with fluorescent or LED light sources.
In the framework of the EBU’s LED group, Alan Roberts (retiree from BBC R&D) helped put together the Television Lightning Consistency Index (TLCI-2012) as a solution to this problem. Although not an approved international standard yet (it is currently under standardisation within the SMPTE 10-E Group), the EBU recommends the method. 
This Technical Review article will be of interest to those looking to find out more about how these measurements came to be. The TLCI-2012 results are supplied by Alan Roberts from his measurements conducted on various lighting fixtures. 
Download your copy of the Technical Review here

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