The W3C Timed Text Group has published a 'Last Call' version of their DFXP format. DFXP is very appropriate to be used to transport subtitles in XML, both within facilities and as a distribution format for Internet video for example. EBU TECHNICAL sees DFXP as an attractive 'follow-up' format of EBU Tech 3264 (EBU STL).



DFXP could be ready Sep 2009


DFXP is already implemented in several software products (including Flash authoring tools), even though the standard is not final yet. In the last few months extensive testing and improvement of the DFXP specification has been carried out. By publishing this 'Last Call' the Timed Text group invites anybody with comments to bring those to the attention of the Group to help improve the specification. If the comments received do not demand major work, the DFXP specification could be officially ratified as a W3C standard (called 'W3C Recommendation') by September 2009.



 Extract from the DFXP specification (click to go to the Last Call document).




Comments deadline: 30 June 2009


The EBU urges any broadcaster or otherwise subtitles-interested organisation to review the Last Call version of DFXP and feed back to the Timed Text Group as soon as possible. Deadline for comments: 30 June 2009.


For more information on this topic, see the Timed Text Group website or contact: Frans de Jong (EBU).

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