For the 3rd time in a row the EBU is producing and sponsoring the Loudness Breakfast at the IBC.  This year's speakers line up again promises a worldwide view of the progress in loudness measurement, normalization and regulation across the globe.

The session, led by EBU PLOUD chairman Florian Camerer (ORF) has the following line up:

  1. Florian Camerer (ORF): Status of Loudness implementations in Europe, Ongoing work, New EBU R 128 features and what is coming up.
  2. Duncat Todd (Akishule Training): Case study of the switch to Loudness normalization in South Africa.
  3. Jeffrey Riedmiller (Dolby): Loudness in the US – how has the CALM act been adopted and what are the results?
  4. Eelco Grimm (HKU Utrecht): The Loudness war in Cinema: history repeats itself + a possible solution.


The Loudness Breakfast is FREE!

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