While the EBU took a leading role at last week's SMPTE Forum (see "Will television survive the next fifteen years?"), three other high level events focusing on the future of media and broadcast technologies have also featured key EBU participants.


Technical Director Lieven Vermaele spoke at last week's World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) in Geneva. Monday's session, focusing on how innovative technologies can provide access to ICT, looked at the transition from analogue to digital terrestrial TV. Speaking about the future of broadcasting in a broadband ecosystem, Mr Vermaele emphasized the economic and social benefits of broadcasting. Recognizing that media must evolve more towards non-linear and mobile services, he stressed that broadcasting and broadband will have to cooperate in delivery solutions.


Pictured at the WSIS Forum, Lieven Vermaele (EBU), Jasna Matic, State Secretary for the Digital Agenda, Serbia, and François Rancy, Director of ITU's Radiocommunication Bureau. (Photo: ITU)


Earlier this week, the opening keynote at 25th Annual Symposium of the FKTG in Wiesbaden, Germany, was delivered by the EBU's Hans Hoffmann. His presentation examined emerging trends related to new media platforms and distribution technologies, broadcast production developments, the changes for Public Service Broadcasters and future technologies. Over 300 participants are expected at the event this week, which is run in conjunction with a broadcast exhibition.


Finally, in Paris today Lieven Vermaele participated in a panel discussion at the European Technology, Media and Telecommunications Summit. The discussion, titled "Beyond HDTV", asked how technology vendors, satellite operators and broadcasters can create the next big consumer TV opportunity. Mr Vermaele focused on the EBU's work in enabling delivery to multiple platforms and devices and the development of more immersive formats such as 4K and 3D TV.


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