Personal devices such as smartphones and tablets have become our companions in everyday tasks, making them easy and improving the quality of our work and our lives. We also use these devices for media services such as listening to music or watching online video. Would it not be great if we could also use them to listen to radio and watch TV?


To some extent this is already possible via Wi-Fi or mobile broadband networks. However, this means using the allowance from your broadband data plan. Besides, the reception quality is not always good.


Hence the idea: If smartphones and tablets could receive directly from broadcast radio and TV networks, there would be no charge for the viewers and listeners, and the reception quality could be ensured. As an additional benefit, the traffic load on broadband networks would be reduced. But is this viable?


Buffering: problems with reception quality and buffering are common for broadband video.

This question will be explored at an EBU workshop on Friday 28 March in Geneva. This workshop will provide insight into the current state of the market and will seek to identify the main drivers and roadblocks for the inclusion of broadcast receivers in handheld devices. The views from equipment manufacturers, network operators and service providers will be presented, including several demonstrations.


Participants will have an opportunity to express their views and contribute to the discussion on possible ways forward.


Free for Members

The workshop is free for EBU Members to attend, with a nominal fee of 100 CHF for non-members. Those  atttending the BroadThinking seminar on the previous two days are welcome to attend this workshop free of charge.

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