Integrating Broadcast Receivers in Handheld Devices 2014

Personal devices such as smartphones and tablets are increasingly used to access media services. In addition to radio listening these devices, in particular tablets, are also suitable for viewing long format media such as TV.

Tablets normally come with a WiFi connectivity and sometimes also with mobile broadband capabilities. However, they cannot receive directly from any of the digital radio or TV platforms, with a few exceptions in Japan, South Korea and the USA. Similar possibilities do not exist in Europe as neither smartphones nor tablets come equipped with integrated digital radio or DTT receivers. While there are accessories on the market that permit viewing TV on a smartphone or tablet they are slow to gain wider acceptance.

This workshop provided the insight into the current state of the market and sought to identify the main drivers and roadblocks for the inclusion of broadcast receivers in handheld devices. The views from equipment manufacturers, network operators and service providers were presented, including several demonstrations.

Participants had an opportunity to express their views and contribute to the discussion on possible ways forward.

This workshop was organized by the EBU Strategic Programme on Cooperative Terrestrial Networks.

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