Yesterday, the EBU Technology & Innovation team launched the Digital Living Room at the EBU, or DLR as it will become known.

After months of preparation, the doors were opened to staff to explore the space and experience the latest in consumer media technologies.

The idea behind the conception of the DLR was simple; design a space where Members could share best practices and experience new technologies in a space resembling what a consumer might have at home.

The mix of technologies will change over time and T&I staff are busy preparing demos to inspire and educate us all in various areas – everything from mobile phones, tablets, broadband services and home automation to 4k Ultra High Definition and HbbTV.

The Director of Technology & Innovation, Simon Fell, commented that “this is a real step forward for the EBU and will create a memorable experience for all those who use it.”

The working space is meant to be flexible and will allow Members visiting to share their experiences as well as learn from others.

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