The DVB Project convenes an annual conference which took place this year in Lisbon in March 2010.
For a blow-by-blow report of the conference you may like to read the full blog written by EBU's David Wood at


DVB-NGH: Next Generation handheld device


What were the 'headlines' from the conference? Near the top would be the first papers about what may be a new generation digital broadcasting system "DVB-NGH". The DVB Project has asked for technology proposals for this which will be evaluated. What is, or may be, revolutionary about DVB-NGH is that it should be a 'universal system' which will allow for radio, television, data and other broadcasts to serve all kinds of receivers, whether handheld or the largest set in the living room.


The DVB-NGH receiver will also be able to do everything else the viewer or listener needs such as smart phones. One receiver for everything - this is the dream. A challenging time lies ahead to realise it.



J-P Wittenburg of Technicolor presenting 3D TV



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