At 20 pages, the latest issue of the EBU's tech-i magazine is the biggest yet - and it's packed with interesting articles and updates on media technology and innovation. The cover story, "The Turin Shoot", gives a complete overview of the EBU's recent filming of new reference video sequences at the RAI Production Centre in Turin. The sequences, which will be made available to EBU Members after IBC 2012, will be used for assessing future TV formats such as UHDTV Level 1 and stereoscopic 3DTV at 1080p/50 per eye.


Multiplatform measurement


Other big stories in Issue 13 include a look at audience measurement data from the Netherlands across a range of different platforms and an analysis of the impact that new platforms are having on traditional linear TV. There's also advice for broadcasters on using the new EBU guidelines on HD camera assessment.


Zagreb report


Reports from EBU groups include an overview of the Strategic Programme on Cooperative Networks and a progress report from the Project Group on Service Level Agreements. The new Technical Committee chairman Arild Hellgren and his predecessor Alberto Morello provide a report from the 2012 Technical Assembly in Zagreb, while the new chairman is also "In The Spotlight" for this issue.


David Wood's Strategic Outlook asks whether broadcasters should be looking to UHDTV or 3DTV as the best format for the future; and following David's recent retirement, former EBU Technical Director Phil Laven pays tribute to him in a special article.


There's all of this, plus a Member Profile of RTE in Ireland, and reports from recent EBU workshops and seminars.


Download issue 13 of tech-i now.

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