The latest issue of our quarterly magazine tech-i revisits this summer's European Championships 2022, when a small team from the EBU's Audio Systems and Video Systems working groups joined the crowds at Munich's iconic Olympiastadion. The goal was to capture new material to help EBU Members continue testing emerging technologies like high frame rate (HFR) video and Next Generation Audio.

BR's Werner Bleisteiner, who led the audio team, was keen to return to the field after the restrictions of the previous two years: "We hadn’t yet had the chance to create some proper test files according to the UHD/NGA parameters we proposed in the EBU recommendations on contribution (R 153) and file exchange (R 154) in 2021." Simon Thompson (BBC) led the video team, which used the event as an opportunity to work not only with HFR, but also to record images with a plenoptic camera that captures light field information. Read about the exercise on pages 10–11.

In his editorial for this issue, EBU Director of Technology & Innovation Antonio Arcidiacono sets out a different vision for the metaverse, one that aligns more closely with the core strengths of public service media (PSM). The tech giants, he says, aim to isolate each user, making it easier to extract valuable data and to target advertising.

"It is not the Oculus-based individual isolation of the Facebook metaverse that PSM should pursue. Rather, it is the augmented reality of an outdoor experience where I combine my physical experience – from a simple stroll to attending a live concert or sporting event – with a common, location-dependent experience that I can share with other people enjoying the same emotions."

Read his editorial in full here.

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