The EBU and several of its Members have been taking part in a series of technical tests together with industry partners in order to make 5G live media production chains fit for purpose in professional content production scenarios. The trials are run as part of the Horizon 2020 funded 5G-RECORDS project.

This week, coinciding with the project's plenary meeting in Copenhagen and the departure of the Tour de France from the very same city, the project has for the first time been testing a complete production chain all at once.

Hosted by Danish broadcaster TV 2’s at its studio facility within the famous Tivoli amusement park in Copenhagen, the setup is centred around a 5G non-public network (5G NPN) for wireless cameras and microphones. The scenario used for the tests consists of an interview setup with one host and two guests. Two cameras and a microphone are connected via a private 5G network to a media gateway specifically designed and developed within the project. The production takes place locally.

5G non-public networks are dedicated, local wireless infrastructures that could replace the existing multitude of wireless solutions and meet the requirements of professional audio-visual live production. With this trial, the 5G-RECORDS project takes another step towards making live media production with 5G a reality.

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