The EBU's quarterly magazine tech-i has reached its milestone 50th issue. Alongside the usual selection of articles on the latest developments in media technology and innovation, there is a look back at the many topics that have been covered in the magazine since it first appeared in September 2009.

The cover story for the latest issue comes from Spain, where RTVE has been continuing its tests on the use of 5G technology for content production and distribution. David Corral Hernández explains how portable small-cell networks could help improve coverage of events in isolated locations (page 6). Another potential benefit of 5G is described by Jochen Mezger of ARD, who writes about the catastrophic flooding that took place in Germany last summer. 5G Broadcast, he says, could bring great benefits by making reliable emergency information available on ubiquitous smartphones and tablets. (page 7).

Staying with 5G, the featured organization for this issue's Partner Profile is 3GPP. Georg Mayer describes how Release 18, likely to include several key 5G technologies of interest for media companies, is taking shape.

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