The September 2021 issue of tech-i magazine is now available. The cover features the core team behind the project that won this year's EBU Technology & Innovation Award, "News Values" at Sveriges Radio. The full story of that project is told by Olle Zachrison, SR's Head of Digital News Strategy.

"For some, both outside and inside media companies, the word “algorithm” carries negative connotations, especially in relation to free speech and independent journalism. The term is associated with commercially driven tech products that run without human intervention to maximize clicks and profit."

The magazine also includes articles on each of the three other shortlisted projects for the 2021 T&I Award, two from BBC and one from Rai. Elsewhere, there are updates on two European projects where the EBU is active on behalf of Members, GAIA-X and 5G-RECORDS; an opinion piece from Rai CTO Stefano Ciccotti; new guidance on loudness for radio; and a report on the innovative new EBU-driven digital news tools that are benefitting journalists and readers alike. Writing about the latter, Antonio Arcidiacono believes the project has helped to show the sustainable path to innovation and growth for PSM:

"It is clear that EBU Members will need to outsource services to external companies, both the tech giants like Amazon, Google and Microsoft and the traditional media technology vendors. But by building together we can establish a common position that strengthens our ability to influence those companies and guarantee the interchangeability of suppliers."

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Download issue 49 of tech-i (PDF).

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