The EBU is once again a core contributor for the annual ASBU Week of Technology. In line with its policy of supporting sister unions, the EBU is underpinning the Arab States Broadcasting Union’s Week of Technology conference with keynotes and strategic inputs on topics of relevance to the region.

The event has been taking place online this week, with attendees from across the Arab States and beyond. A wide range of key topics for broadcasters are on the agenda, with a day each dedicated to contribution and cloud services, production, and distribution.

EBU contributions have covered such diverse areas as the use of 5G for media, broadcaster requirements for radiofrequency spectrum, AI for media content analysis, accessibility, IP-based production, and progress towards 4K and 8K UHD deployment.

Walid Sami, on behalf of the EBU, stated: “In these times of crisis, exchange of knowledge between broadcasters is vital to ensure that populations continue to have access to information and guidance that can save lives. With budgets under pressure, broadcasters are facing unprecedented challenges – by working together with our Arab States colleagues we can help them to maximize the quality, efficiency and coverage of their essential services.”
ASBU Week of Technology continues to the end of Wednesday, 4 November. It is followed by a meeting of ASBU's Technical Standing Committee.

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