A new ITU* Task Group will spend the next 2.5 years preparing possible regulatory solutions for the future use of the UHF band. In addition to providing substantial technical inputs, the EBU will chair one of three working groups that have been established, one that will review spectrum use and future needs.

ITU-R Task Group 6/1 (TG 6/1) held its first meeting from 19 to 23 October 2020, with over 150 participants from ITU Member States and the industry. The meeting marked the kick-off of preparations for the WRC-23 Agenda Item 1.5 on UHF spectrum. This frequency band is currently used for digital terrestrial television (DTT) and wireless production tools (PSME) and is also considered for possible future use for mobile communications.

Three working groups

Agreeing on its workplan, TG 6/1 created three working groups. The EBU's Darko Ratkaj was appointed to chair the one that will carry out a review of spectrum use and future needs, including for the broadcasting and mobile services, in the band 470-960 MHz. The second working group, tasked with carrying out sharing and compatibility studies, is chaired by Ronel le Grange of Namibia. The third working group, chaired by Dr. Abdulhadi Abou-Almal of UAE, will prepare a report to WRC-23.

The overall chair of TG 6/1 is Sergey Pastukh of Russia, while the group's management team also includes representatives from regional regulatory organizations (CEPT for Europe, ATU for Africa, ASMG for the Arab states, and RRC for the Regional Commonwealth in the Field of Communications).

TG6/1 has also started the technical work that is required to allow viable regulatory solutions to be developed. The EBU provided substantial technical inputs to the first meeting. As the UHF band remains important for DTT and PMSE, the EBU and its Members are fully committed to continuing their contributions to this work.


*The ITU is the International Telecommunication Union, a specialized agency of the United Nations responsible for all matters related to information and communication technologies. The ITU Radiocommunication Sector (ITU-R) is one of the three divisions of the ITU and is responsible for radio communication.

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