The latest issue of tech-i, the EBU's quarterly magazine, is now available for download. It features essential pre-IBC reading, with a focus on the state of the technology ecosystem for UHD.

The cover story is a report on valuable tests, at EBU Associate Member CBC/Radio-Canada, to see whether existing HD lenses are up to the task of producing UHD content. Media production architect Pierre Hugues Routhier says it's far from straightforward:

"Looking at resolution and chromatic aberration, many of our HD lenses offer performances that are comparable and sometimes superior to the benchmark 4K/UHD lens. None of the lenses offer flawless images in UHD, but then neither did the 'true' UHD one."

There are also articles on the latest EBU guidance on UHD/HDR parameters for the next generation of TV displays and on the results of recent subjective testing of High Frame Rate. Looking (much!) further ahead, David Wood asks where the balance of the arguments lies when it comes to 8K.

Elsewhere in tech-i

In addition to the above, the regular Partner Profiles feature comes from Broadcast Networks Europe (p17), while the new CEO of Eurovision Services Marco Tinnirello is "in the spotlight" (p19).

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