PEACH, the personalization and recommendation ecosystem built by broadcasters for broadcasters, has welcomed VRT (the Flemish-speaking Belgian public broadcaster) to the team. This EBU project is an active co-development between RTS (Switzerland), BR (Germany), SR (Sweden) and now also VRT.

After a successful test deployment of PEACH in the VRT NU web player portal last year, VRT undertook internal evaluation of several systems that could provide their users with personalized content recommendations. PEACH was selected as the best match for them.

VRT intends to use PEACH for several use cases: it will provide personalized recommendations in VRT NU and will be used to provide personalized content proposals in email newsletters. VRT will also work with the PEACH team to explore the possibility of using the system to recommend news articles in VRT NWS.

Collaborative Development

PEACH features in the recently approved EBU Technical Committee Workplan 2019-21 as one of a number of Collaborative Developments. Working towards specific products or services, they are designed to respond to the growing demands for prototyping, minimum viable products and product development.

EBU Members that get involved with such Collaborative Developments are expected to provide concrete contributions to the work, as is the case with those in the PEACH team.

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